Kerry is a UK Network-Registered Mindfulness Teacher and Coach.


Personal story

My personal mindfulness journey started during my MSc in Neuroscience at King's College London. I was intrigued by the latest brain-imaging research showing the significant structural and functional alterations with regular meditation. Moreover, I was looking for "solutions" to my long-term struggle with anxiety that had escalated into panic disorder in my late teens/early twenties. Slowly, I discovered that mindfulness could transform my relationship with anxiety, as well as with any emotional difficulty. I wanted to enable more people to experience this too, so training to teach with highly respected mindfulness teachers was the natural path to take...


Why tame the inner monkey?


The more primitive part of our brain can be referred to as the 'Chimp' - as told in The Chimp Paradox (Steve Peters) - or as the 'Monkey Mind'. This area (the limbic system, including the amygdala) is responsible for being on the lookout for danger and changes in our environment. Those with chronic or acute anxiety often have an over-active monkey mind, which may have developed due to any number of reasons. The cause doesn't matter so much for personal growth, but how it manifests now is where mindfulness comes in.


Mindfulness training allows us to start recognising when our monkey mind has taken over. The first step is awareness of our habitual reactions, as they are unfolding, or by reflecting on them. Once we are able to see this, we can then practice pausing and allowing information to reach the 'human' area of the brain. By that point, we are better equipped to make rational decisions that benefit the whole self, not just the monkey! 

My mindfulness training pathway:


Interpersonal Mindfulness Practice (IMP)

Awareness Coaching Foundation Training (ACFT)

Level 2 MBI Teacher Training (for MBSR)

Supervision/CPD with Susann Herrmann

Attendance at regular secular mindfulness retreats


Other Qualifications:


CBT certification (theory)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) foundation

MSc Neuroscience

BSc Psychology

Diploma in Personal Nutrition