Keen to bring mindfulness into your workplace?

Workplace training has countless benefits for employees and the organisation as a whole. 

What is possible?

Whilst we can tailor the training to your organisation's needs, the team of
Resilience Experts at Tough Cookie (of which I am a part!) currently deliver and offer: 

Free Introductory Talk

6-week Lunchtime Course

(1 hour/week)

Half-day workshop for reducing & managing stress 
(4 hours)

Full-day retreat to learn range of stress-reduction and self-care tools (meditation, exercise, nutrition) 
(8 hours)

Lunchtime drop-in sessions
(1 hour/week) 

8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
(2 hours/week & full-day retreat) 


View my short presentation on the Benefits of Mindfulness Training in the Workplace

View the white paper on Mindfulness Training in the Workplace

Current or Past Clients

The Connection

Weekly sessions with clients and staff at the charity HQ. Building resilience to stress & overwhelm for disadvantaged groups. 

Drive Forward

Several years of running courses with this charity, working with their young people who are coming out of the care system

Loot Ltd.

Introductory group workshop with this startup financial company based in London Waterloo 

Produce UK

Leading talks and workshops for Festiwell, King's Cross, at IQL Stratford to TfL staff and general site staff