Participant feedback

“Thank you so much for the past 8 weeks! I’ve learnt so much. You are a total natural and made something which seemed a bit daunting totally accessible"

"I found the course really interesting and potentially life changing. I wish I knew about it years ago! Your teaching was very professional - you're obviously good at what you do and it shows that you have a lot of knowledge in the subject... very patient and friendly"

"I think Kerry's been very clear in explaining everything and setting us up with tools we can use long after the course is over. Also her analogies, passages she read and the examples of applying it day to day were very helpful"

“I thought the mindfulness course was fantastic, it really helped me to think positively and not to think in auto-pilot as I sometimes may do. It also helped to slow me right down, I really honestly enjoyed it from the start as I begun to notice its usefulness.”

"It has helped to normalise [the experience of] stress; I feel that's quite huge in itself and has helped me feel confident to take a step back when I'm overwhelmed" 

"The guidance was perfect really. The laid back attitude made me feel like I could really find my own way of doing it [the practice]"

"Kerry is great - very glad I've done it and have recommended it widely" 

"Kerry is wonderful at teaching and I think her tone is just right" 

"It has definitely made me feel more calm and I enjoy having the meditation as a routine in my day. I have also realised the importance of time to yourself and how much you don't notice about your body. Keep doing what you're doing!" 

"I feel I don't get as worked up as I did before" 

"The level of guidance was perfect"

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