Want to teach or coach Mindfulness?


Training to coach mindfulness is incredibly rewarding. It's a rich and insightful journey for the trainee, in their own personal understanding of themselves, as well as enabling them to effectively coach mindfulness in society. If you have a passion for mindfulness and positive behavioural change in your niche of society, look into training with an established and highly experienced Mindfulness Coaching organisation. 

Mindfulnesstraining.org.uk is founded by Albert Tobler (Master Executive Coach), Kerry Stevenson (Advanced Mindfulness Coach), and Susann Herrmann (Senior Mindfulness Teacher).


Albert and Susann first established the highly respected training organisation of
Human Communication Ltd. in 1999, and continue to train individuals both online and on the Isle of Wight. Kerry continues to support and train with Albert and Susann, as a Mindfulness Coach and Teacher. 

The mindfulnesstraining platform enables you to start your 3-year journey to becoming a Mindfulness Coach (Advanced Diploma - globally-accredited by the Association for Coaching). 

Level 1 enables you to qualify as an Awareness Coach

Level 2 enables you to teach Mindfulness-based Interventions (e.g. MBSR & MBCT)

Level 3 enables you to Coach Mindfulness to an advanced level (Advanced Diploma in Mindfulness Coaching - ADMC)